Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hang In There


I have been watching the news updates with horror and awe. It is so hard to believe the power of water knocking houses, sheds, boats, restaurants, cars and lives into oblivion.

It’s been raining here in the far south of Tassie now for a few days, and it’s meant to continue for a few more. It’s an inconvenience – nothing more. I can sulk about the lack of sunshine on my growing vegetables; I can moan about wet feet; I can dash about trying not to get wet whilst shopping, but for heaven’s sake let’s put it in perspective. It’s slightly damp compared to what other people in the north of this great land are encountering.

My heart and eyes weep for the families that are separated, perhaps never to see each other again. I can’t imagine (and don’t want to) what it is like to see your home disappear with your life enclosed inside. Homes; gardens lovingly cared for; pets and livestock; yes, they can be replaced whilst lives can’t, but it must still be sooooo hard.

This is going to take a long time to recover. Once all the news bulletins have finished because the drama of the floods has gone, people will still be struggling, mourning and doing it tough. This is Australia, with the amazing spirit of people working together, but we must keep them in our thoughts and, if possible, with actions, long after the “news” has gone.

There have already been amazing tales of bravery, community and love.

Queensland, and all other flood and disaster areas in Australia, you are not forgotten.

Hang in there.


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