Saturday, January 22, 2011

Does it look like too many?


Well it was, as you can see by the photo’s below.






At least the tomatoes and zucchini are still growing and producing. Tucked in the middle of the tank is a small pot of marigolds – to encourage the bees. I don’t think they’ll be able to find them anymore.

I’m only bandicooting potatoes at this stage, they haven’t really died back yet. But I’m getting enough good sized ones to make me very hopeful.

Today, when M went sailing, I cleaned off all the garlic and they’re  now ready for storage. Where would that be? Why, in the wardrobe of the front bedroom, where else? It’s the coolest room in the house because of the front verandah (the bathroom is actually colder but I didn’t think that was really appropriate).

Tomorrow, it’s back to cutting the grass, again. It’s a weekly thing at the moment and it takes M 2 hours on the ride on mower and me an hour to go around all the trees etc. Oh joy, we never seem to dry up.



  1. Everything is looking so fabulous Jan!

  2. Thanks Kate - it's about time that you crossed that river and came down for a "real look". I could do with some good advice too. I'm still a bit haphazard about planting and spacing etc. So how about it?
    Mind you, I can't wait for that first "red" tomato, will it be April before it happens? I hope not.