Saturday, November 13, 2010

Would I lie to you?

p1010162 This dog is a thief! Here he looks innocent and honest but I know better. His crime had a devastating effect on his digestive system and the evidence was left lying in the garden for all to see.

I came home from work this week and thought that I would see if any of the broad beans were ready for eating. Upon viewing the vegetable garden I wondered at the fact that there were quite a few long stems of beans lying flat. It hadn’t been overly windy that day and it was dry. What had happened? Then I saw that there were no beans on any of the stems that were on the ground. No beans?

I puzzled for a while, picked some beans and went inside to prepare them for dinner. The chooks were happy to receive the empty pods and I thought no more about it – until M asked if I had fed Terry some broad beans. A lot of broad beans.

“No” I said, “I don’t think he likes them”.

“Well” said M, “there are a number of piles of dog vomit around the yard and it’s all broad beans!”  (apologies to the faint and/or those with vivid imaginations).

Sure enough, there was the evidence that somebody had decided to have a little smorgasbord prior to my return. And he must be feeling rather poorly as he hadn’t performed the other disgusting dog habit of cleaning up after himself!

I decided to see if he would take the broad beans if I offered him some. No, oh really, gone off them now?

I think the beans will be safe from now on ……



  1. The little rascal, I've never heard of anything like that. Hopefully the last of the beans will be safe.

  2. I think they will be. He was so sick and to add insult to injury he threw up his dinner too! So he would have been a very hungry doggie the next day!