Friday, November 19, 2010

Just call me Commandant

Well, the deed is done. Lulu is ensconced in the small chook/rabbit pen with her nine – yes nine eggs. So far she is not happy and is busy eating, drinking and pacing about. There are six white eggs and three brown and I hope that in a little while she will settle down and sit.

The pen looks very nice at the moment and a good size but I still feel like the commandant of a prison. Thelma has been excluded and Eddie has decided that she will start her bullying again. I just hope that Ron pulls her back into line – soon!

I haven’t taken any photo’s yet. I will when things settle down. Everyone is all fluffed up and cackling at the moment so I’m leaving them alone. We made sure that Ron and Eddie were outside when we did the big move, but there was still a lot of noise and they came running to see what was going on. They seem as upset that they can’t get in as she is because she can’t get out. Mind you, Lulu has a few treats in there with her and she is enjoying the food, wheat, apples, cabbage and water. Perhaps they’re just jealous even though they have exactly the same on the outside!

I’ll let you know if she settles or whether the whole exercise has been a disaster and the end of the nine chickens.


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