Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coming up Stumps!




The photo above was taken one week after M decided to cover the stump with sawdust and light it. It has considerably reduced in size but it is still burning. Our neighbours must be absolutely fed up with the smoke but we’ve had no complaints so far.

With all the machinery that was used to drag the cut branches out of the way we now have no grass on the block. So M has sown grass seed as he doesn’t want a dust bowl in summer. But this means that the chooks are confined to barracks! And they’re not happy!

The building that can be seen in the second picture is the back of the local police station. We had to take some of the fence down to bring the final large piece of tree down. M will have to replace it soon as the local “copper” usually has sheep in his back yard to keep the grass down!

We are now ready to construct a grow house – well I am anyway. M seems to be dragging his heels a bit so I have to keep mumbling “eggplants, eggplants” in the hope that his desire to have a constant supply will motivate him!

I’ll let you know ……



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