Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fruit for every occasion

P1010014 We loved the fruit, especially the bananas, which of course are not in the picture. These tiny, round bananas tasted like banana sandwiches they were so rich and buttery. We ate them as quickly as we bought them.
We also ate a lot of the fried bananas that you can buy at street stalls for less than a dollar. And I mean a lot of bananas.

But in the picture above there is dragon fruit, paw paw, snakeskin fruit, longan berries and star fruit. Previously we had mangoes, water melon, rock melon and pineapple and they just tasted divine. M isn’t that keen on paw paw but he loves the Balinese version. It’s all so sweet and always bought that day for eating, so it’s always fresh.

One of the locals who was working nearby climbed up and picked a coconut so M could try the fresh milk from the fruit. There was so much, it easily filled a jug for the fridge. The man wouldn’t take any money as he said that he had too many coconuts!


You can see the trees at the side here. At the rear of the photo is a new villa being built and every day we would see the women walking along the track with the baskets of building materials on their heads. They always started early in the day, before it got too hot for them and the kids came home from school (1.30pm).


I wish that we could get the real bananas here – they may be small but the taste is to die for……..


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