Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crisp Crunchy Piggy & Cat Poo Coffee Anyone?

PICT0123 Apologies for the photo – it’s pretty hard to see that it’s a roasted suckling pig. We sampled this twice and have to say the crackling was the crispest I’ve ever had. This wurrung, Babi Guling, Ibu Oka Ubud, is known Bali wide for it’s pig. In fact Rick Stein featured it on his shows about Asian cuisine. The King and politicians from Indonesia often pop in when they’re in town.


You can even order take away and it comes in a cardboard box with spicy rice, vegetables lowar, a piece of blood sausage and the pork with crackling. They very thoughtfully put the hottest green chillies on the side, so they’re easily removed by those who wish to keep their taste buds alive! All for 30,000 rupiahs which is about $3.75!

We searched out the “cat-poo” coffee and on the Friday before we left we got lucky. A small demitasse cup of this special coffee cost 60,000 rupiahs, double that of the pork meal! This coffee was also featured by Rick Stein and is meant to be the most expensive coffee in the world. Apparently civet cats are very discerning and only eat the best coffee beans. The next morning the farmers search for the scats and the beans which aren’t digested, only the husks, and process the beans. It was a very smooth and lingering taste without bitterness and definitely no other pooey type of taste either! We didn’t have the camera that day so I’m sorry there aren’t any photo’s. The wurrung was opposite a motor bike hire place and we sat and watched various tourists going in to hire a motor bike and then finally try and get out into the traffic! Almost a third of the population ride motor bikes and there doesn’t seem to be too many road rules, except to drive slowly and give way to everything!


Our hosts had a motor bike that the whole family used, and M was taken out on the back of it the day before we left. He now says that he has the traffic worked out and next time we’ll hire a car. Next time – yay….. At least he’s thinking about going back sometime!

And why wouldn’t you want to with views like this?



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