Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chook Gender Crisis?

P1010027 This is Ron the rooster pretending to lay an egg!

Well, I’m not sure, but he continues to sit on the only nest that the girls like to use to lay their eggs. You can see Lulu looking for a spot nearby. I stayed and watched for a while and there were the two of them crooning away, like they do prior to laying. Then Lulu decided that enough was enough and trampled over Ron to get comfortable in the nest to lay.


But why is Ron even interested in the nest? There’s plenty of other spots in the shed, I only cleaned it out yesterday and put new straw down for them. Is he jealous? Does he want to be a girl? I just haven’t seen him do this before.


This is how it should be, Lulu on the nest and Ron protecting (standing over her sulking?).

I’ll have to go and check after the laying of the egg. I don’t want Ron going all broody on me………..


Update - just been out there and blow me the egg was on the shed floor not the nest - what's going on?

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