Sunday, May 9, 2010

what's that in the chook shed?

No pictures today - I didn't have my camera handy.
I went up to say good morning to the girls today and encourage them to lay some eggs. Terry was with me so I wasn't going to let them out so early anyway. I was about to go in and check for eggs when I noticed a body - curled up on the straw at the back, not moving. I couldn't see what it was and decided that I would call M in case it was a rat ugh! But it didn't look like a rat or a bandicoot.
So back down to the house I went and calmly asked if M could spare some time from making breakfast to come and have a look. We got an old sack from the shed and in he went - and it woke up - it was a kitten, fast asleep on the straw!
As M approached it, the kitten dashed to the corner of the shed where there is a tiny gap and squeezed himself through and then Terry was on the chase!
We have a lot of feral cats/kittens around the place and it really annoys me that people are not more responsible with their animals. We have a cat, Fiddle, who is actually my son's cat and he is de-sexed, micro-chipped, tattooed and wears a collar with two bells.
We have an elderly woman living close to our back fence area and we know that she feeds the feral cats, who then breed and so it goes.
And the kitten in the shed - well it got away - this time........

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