Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Good News

My grandson Daniel, aged 10 will hopefully be allowed to leave hospital tomorrow.
He is a very lucky boy as when they opened him up on Saturday his appendix was actually gangrenous and at the point of bursting! He didn't get back to the ward until 11pm that night and wasn't impressed when they woke him at 6am on Sunday.
There was still some concern on Sunday as his temperature was still rising but they gave him continuing antibiotics. Despite not eating since Friday night, and feeling very hungry, he was still unable to keep even half a jelly in his tummy.
I have just heard from my daughter that he is much better today, eating and walking so hopefully he will be able to go home tomorrow.
The Women's & Children's Hospital in Adelaide certainly has my eternal gratitude, that's for sure.
Daniel is looking forward to the pancakes at McDonalds on his way home, as promised by Mum. And getting back to football, but that won't be for a couple of weeks.
I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted from my shoulders and a bit teary, all at the same time. I shouldn't be surprised, I always cried when I watched the Telstra commercials about phoning home!

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  1. That's terrific news Jan - all the best for Daniels continued recovery.

    If you'd like to follow the work of the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation please visit our website