Thursday, May 6, 2010

Signs of Winter Coming

You all thought that it would be a picture of golden red leaves or cabbages growing in the garden didn't you? Well here in southern Tasmania when you have to bring the washing in from the line at 4pm, because you know it won't get any drier outside, you know that summer has gone and autumn is only just hanging in there!
And check out the clothes! Thick socks, singlets and long pants. It only seems like last week I was wearing long shorts and thongs. These are M's work clothes but all the same it seems to have happened overnight, and I'm not ready yet!
The last few days have been very cool and slightly soggy, which means wet feet when you walk through the long grass. It also means that the grass itself is growing and growing. The reprieve is over, the lawn mower has to come out more regularly for a time. The thought of kneeling on the ground to plant seedlings loses it's fascination and there's no more tomatoes or strawberries to eat whilst working outside.
On the positive side it does mean that on really, really bad days there's a perfect excuse to stay inside the warm kitchen and chat and drink tea with friends; or read a book in time for book group later in the week or as a very sensible and favourite friend says "eat chocolate by the fire".
It also means that we eat earlier in the evening which is much better for your body after all. The bedroom isn't too warm anymore and it's actually pleasant to snuggle down under the doona. (I won't say anything about getting out of it in the morning).
But it is early days yet and M and I both know that by mid-August we will be "so over" the cold and soggy weather that we have decided that we will escape for two weeks together to the warmer areas of Australia. After all, in the ten years that we have been together we have never had a holiday together. We've had the visits to family interstate and Womad a couple of years ago, but never a holiday for just us two. So bring it on, we have a plan........

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