Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do?

There are 39 seedlings here, four different types of beans (bush not climbing) but the labels all washed out so I don't know which is which now oh doh! But they look like they need to be moved and our Pete (Cundall) says the ground is still too cold for beans. I decided to transplant 8 of them into bigger pots and have put my extravagant see through covers (tonic water bottles) over them and put them on the top of one of my half water tank gardens. So I don't want any more frost or wind thanks!
In the front bedroom I still have 78 assorted tomato and eggplant seedlings. I've been brave and put a couple of the zucchinis into the tank and covered them, just to see what happens.
I have a cheesecloth full of feta cheese draining in the laundry tub and I'm trying to stop myself from going out and giving it a prod, to make sure it is draining...... The ricotta which I made from the left over whey is already salted and in the fridge ready for some crackers. Hmmm that sounds like a good idea. M is going to be late tonight so I could have a little nibble, couldn't I?
The little bit of sunshine that we had on the weekend has encouraged my potatoes to finally show they're still alive and not drowned, great. I had almost given up on them. But one of my fennel has definitely given up, helped along by a certain cat called Fiddle I think.
And the big news is that yesterday M and his work team removed all the false brick from our little old house so now we are back to weatherboards. Dirty, old weatherboards, but I don't care. It will be painted this summer and will look glorious.

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