Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm excited about garden tools?

My new toy. A brush cutter that does start first time.
It has a full harness, safety glasses and ear muffs.
Brush cutting still isn't one of my favourite jobs (I have a friend who says he loves his brush cutter) but it just got a darn sight easier!
I had a little go today before I realised that I needed to adjust the harness to hold the weight. My arm is slightly sore tonight but I was also pulling out weeds today too so I'll give the tool the benefit of the doubt. More to do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.........


  1. Hi Joc, hope your vegie garden is surviving all this chop and change weather. I have only put my seedlings and only some of them in this week. I am looking at getting a brush cutter, so was interested to read about yours. What brand is it. Do you know anything about an electric one from Honda? As I am not keen on the fumes from the motor of a petrol/diesel one. I too have been attending the weeds..sigh and will be ongoing for a while me thinks. How much land do you have to slash? sorry if too many questions..

  2. I was away last week in Strahan with my son who is visiting and came home on Friday to see my broad beans lying all over the place and the potatoes in the tank also took a battering. No more wind please!
    I bought a Stihl brushcutter with cord and a blade for thicker weeds. It's fantastic, starts first time and I have the harness so the weight is borne by my shoulders/back. It wasn't cheap but already it has turned a jungle into a semi-garden! The guys in H'ville are so helpful and take time to talk you through how to do stuff. They're in Wilmot Road. As much as I hate the noise I don't find it too smelly and the difference it makes in being able to start it easily and operate I think it's worth it. Even M who watched me use it yesterday said it was a "good machine". The size of our block is quite substantial and covers four titles, so there's a lot of weeds, I mean grass.......
    And the chook shed is finished!

  3. Lovely about the chook shed. Our chooks are growing and getting used to our dog. He loves rounding them
    they still have four or five weeks before I expect to see any eggs. They are such a delight to watch, especially when I give them worms, i give enough for all of them but the one who gets the first one races off and everyone else follows \
    We have 2 acres some is native bush, but the grasses on my paths and about the edges, where the mower does not go, are in great need. Ho

    Is it adjustable for shorter people?

  4. Joc I hope all is well with you. It is a busy time of year. Hope you and your garden have managed to survive the heat.