Thursday, October 8, 2009

Babies on the bed!

I've just spent the morning transferring millions of tiny seedlings (well it seemed like that many!) from a seed tray into little plastic cups to continue their growing.
There are three types of tomatoes, Roma, Siberian and an ordinary red one which I can't recall the name of and all my little labels got washed clean when I sprayed them with some water (the plants not the labels). They're all bush tomatoes. I have more seeds of different types but how many tomatoes can we eat? There's quite a few eggplants too, but only four zucchini. I've learned my lesson about zucchini!
I still have four different types of beans in the other seed tray yet. The weather here is too unpredictable to even think about putting them outside, never mind in the ground. We could have frost tonight and there has been snow on the high peaks again. Yes it is spring but we are in Tasmania, far south Tasmania, next stop Antarctica.
By the way, the rest of the little pots are on a table by the window in the same bedroom. It's currently unoccupied, except for these babies, but I am expecting my son for a visit on the
10th November so they have to be ready to be moved outside by then.
I just went outside to see if any of my Dutch Cream potatoes had dared to sprout in the above ground garden. It's been sooooo wet I had resigned myself to the fact that they may have drowned. But wait, there are a few darker looking little leaves just showing. Now, they could be weeds, I'm very good at growing weeds, but lets hope that we have enough sun over the next few days to encourage them to get a bit bigger and then I should be able to tell.
So in the garden beds I now have three lots of broad beans at different stages; silver beet and ruby chard; mixed lettuces; peas and snow peas; raspberries; coriander; Italian parsley; thyme; sage; chives; chamomile; and rosemary. In pots I have 4 baby fennel; garlic chives; parsley, mint; Thai mint and strawberries. I have never ever tried to grow so much, I hope it all does grow! The fruit trees have started to blossom too, crab apples, lemon, apples, pears, peaches, plums and one nectarine. I forgot the fruit trees in pots, lemon, cumquat, lime and olive. I'm almost overwhelmed with it all.
So, please could we have some more sunshine and warm up the earth?


  1. Hi JOc, congrats on your babies, I have to pop over to the neighbours this evening and pick up my hope chest of seedlings (they were looking after them while we have been away for a little over a week.
    My potatoes are up( i still have more to plant out) but some little blighter has been digging them up and eating the potatoes? No dog or me to keep them away. Anyway fortunately not all have been dug up, so wire mesh will be over them today!...

  2. I wondered where you were, I've missed your posts. We had a major problem with possums when we moved in this year and I think we still have one that stays in the roof of the shed but they can't get to my potatoes in the rainwater tank (raised garden)!