Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ta da!

grrowinghouse3     growinghouse4


We were lucky to have unexpected guests from Queensland on the weekend. Every time they come, which is usually around Christmas, they help us with little “projects”. Well, at 6.30am, last Sunday, John woke M and said that it was time to get the plastic on as the wind was going to get stronger as the day moved on.

Two hours later they were back inside having breakfast and one hour after that they were both comfortably lying back in the recliners having their siestas!

Before the day ended I had all the extra tomatoes, eggplants, corn, cucumber, cauliflower and rock melons planted. The only thing that remains is another door for the rear of the house and woodchips on the weed mat on the floor. I love it. Thanks John and Cathy for helping us so much last week – even though you’re on holiday!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I’ll feature the other little “project”.



  1. What wonderful friends! Every thing is looking fantastic. Those tunnels are great. I bet thy will be such a bonus for you.


  2. Thanks, I'm still excited about it. But there is only one tunnel Deb, two photos of the same tunnel!
    Yes, great friends are good to keep hold of!