Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s slowly happening

       growinghouse                                                       growinghouse2


Over the past week M has only been able to spend a few hours working on the new grow house. We are now at the point that the plastic can be placed carefully over the top. This is the part that I am definitely not looking forward to – we will have to ensure that it is not a windy day and try and get it as taut as possible before it is stapled to the wooden battens. Then I will be able to plant my eggplants in the warmth of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, I dug up 20 of my garlic this morning as they looked pretty ready, and one beetroot. I have never grown either before and I am very happy with the results so far. I do have about another forty garlic to go but I will leave them a bit longer as they are a different variety and need to grow a bit more. I’m leaving the rest of the beetroot too – I was just impatient with the one below. It’s a Chioggia beetroot and I hope that it has the telltale stripes.

beetroot I have also taken the rest of my tomatoes out of the cold frame to harden up a little before planting.


And now it’s back outside to plant some beans.



  1. What fabulous tunnels they'll be. I will have to try and think of a way to protect my sensitive plants when I move south. Are your tank beds, wicking beds?


  2. Hi Deb

    no wicking beds, we had excess soil which is very good here. I'll only have the one tunnel but I think that should be enough - to start with. Perhaps when you move south you'll have a tunnel in the garden? But Hobart is a pretty good climate, it doesn't get as cold as down here. When do you think you'll move?

  3. I would move tomorrow but work committments have us caught up for a couple more years at least. I would really love to try to grown sweet potato here as well as watermelon, I know there is a cool weather variety called Sugar Baby but I have never seen them anywhere to buy. Are you further south than Dover?

  4. No, that's where I live, in Dover. I've only gor the cool weather rock melon waiting for the grow house, no watermelon.