Thursday, July 19, 2012

The new hoophouse workshop



This is what M has been working on since we’ve been home from Bali. It’s the new improved model of hoophouse. It has the wooden floor to enable him to lay plastic out to cut to size. The plastic is then welded together and a hem sealed on the ends to have rope slid through to tighten the plastic around the skeleton hoops. This will make for a much tighter (and neater)fit and when the summer months come along and the plastic has more “give”, it can be easily tightened again. Plus, if the plastic needs to be removed for repairs or replacements, it is just a matter of releasing the ropes and slipping it off. No more staples, brilliant.

Now I’m sure that it is a lot more technical than how I have written it above but I don’t have a head for that sort of fact. My head is full of trivia and I know that one day I will need one of those little bits of trivia in a hurry! So there’s no room for other stuff. But M knows what it is all about and is very excited to have finished this workshop. Now he can get onto producing the new proto-type of his relocatable, rural and commercial hoophouses (although he has said he would like new names – sigh).




         Relocatable                                                                         Rural

He wasn’t happy with my suggestion of “Condom” (well it is plastic and slips on and off…..) so I’m still working on that one. He has had a number of enquiries from his website but had to complete the workshop to be able to build them through winter.

The new system will make transporting them a lot easier too, so trips all over Tasmania will be coming up soon. It will be soooooo good (not to say reassuring) to have some business happening again. I’m sure our anxiety will soon be lifted.

So fingers and toes crossed and I’ll let you know.



  1. Good luck with the business. We will be starting a new business when we move south in a year or two as well.

  2. Looks like a good greenhouse system, pity we are in QLD!

    I saw your comment on my post about porridge and I thought you might be interested in this post about cholesterol, there's some pretty good evidence that cholesterol doesn't actually cause heart disease, but is role is to repair the damage done by eating too much processed food and exposure to various toxins, you're probably just noticing the effects of eating better in general (and you can keep eating the butter!) -

    Also see my post about Nourishing Traditions if you want more information about traditional diets. Cheers, Liz

    1. Hi Liz, thanks for that. But we have always had a pretty healthy diet. We don't like junk food and I grow most of our veggies and fruit. We buy our meat from a friend who is a local farmer who loves his cows! I bake all our bread (sourdough) and oat biscuits for morning tea. I cook from scratch and we have lots of legumes. My cholestorol is fine and my partner's problem is hereditary as is his high blood pressure (thanks Dad). But I will certainly check out the web site you suggested