Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hoophouse in the garden


This is M’s latest project. He aims to take one to the local Huon Show in November to generate sales. Currently this is in our front garden and already we have two families interested in buying one.

Today, I filled it with all my tomato seedlings with a scattering of lettuces with a hope to sell some. They’ll be called “Lucky Dip Heritage Tomatoes” and we’ll see what happens. Some of them already have flowers on them so that’s encouraging.

It has a lock up screen door so I don’t have to keep moving the tomatoes inside. It will fit on the back of a truck and wheels can be attached to move it around the garden. This one obviously is covered in plastic, but one enquiry was about making it into a chook house, so different coverings will be used for that. But we could also use shade cloth if it’s just protection from the possums etc. that is required.

Possibilities are endless.

I’ll let you know.



  1. Ooh it looks great. I'm looking around for a suitable greenhouse. We can't have a poly tunnel due to winds up on the hill where we live, so thinking I'll have to do plastic panels or glass. Will definitely come and have a look at the Huon Show.

  2. Oooo! I'll show you my new greenhouse, if your show me yours! We are on a similar journey, me thinks.

  3. Thanks Susan, we have received a number of supportive comments from friends and neighbours so hopefully we'll acquire some orders at the show. I told M to look out for you and he was happily surprised that blogging is proving to be beneficial.

    Hazel I know that you are going to luuuuv your greenhouse because it's so exciting. I now have little green tomatoes on the two bushes I left in there from last summer. In our climate we're told not to even plant tomatoes until after Hobart show day - and that was last Thursday.
    Don't forget to keep us all informed.