Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boathouse to grow house

boat growhouse This is the latest project that M has been working on.

A local guy had come around to see him after hearing about the construction of grow houses that M has completed for various neighbours.

But he wanted a grow house with a difference. He is currently restoring a boat in his back yard, (something I can relate to!) but the weather is holding him up. So he asked if a grow house could be constructed around the boat so he could work in relative warmth and out of the wind and the rain. The plastic is yet to be stretched out over the framework as a few warm sunny days are required to make it more pliable; there are tarps over the top of the boat at the moment to try and keep it as dry as possible.

Now I can’t recall the measurements but I do know it’s the biggest grow house around here! I have asked how the boat will be removed from the grow house at the end of the project, but after a fair bit of mumbling I was told that it would all be okay….. And then it would be a real grow hose with real vegetables.

This fellow, the owner of the boat and presumably one of the largest grow houses in the district, lives in a caravan on his block. He hasn’t even finished building his shed yet, which he later plans to live in whilst he builds his house.

Now considering this guy is around 65 years old and complaining of chest pains and vertigo, you have to admire his optimism.

I will post photographs of the finished product as they come.


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