Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh lordy it’s cold

This past week has been very cold – and wet. The ground is soft and the leaves are falling quicker than ever. But the poor pear tree is totally confused! I saw blossom a couple of weeks ago and now there’s a tiny pear growing. I have to prune the tree in the coming weeks so no doubt it will end up in the pile of clippings.

I actually started the first paragraph one week ago and then the weather fined up! We had a glorious weekend with sunshine and warm temperatures and I was able to get outside and start the pruning of all the fruit trees. I’m still pruning. And clearing up all the cut off pieces to put on the bonfire – ready for the man. Men luuuuvvvvv bonfires! And now – well it’s bloody cold and wet again!

Other news – well the daughter who said that she wasn’t going to get married until 2013 has decided that they want to go and live on the Whitsundays so they’re going to get married now on 17th December 2011! Yes, only six months to lose this belly of mine. It’s taken me ten years to grow it (since I moved to Tasmania) and now I have to lose it in six months. So, last Monday I started the seven day soup diet to give me a kick start, so to speak. I have lost 2.5 kilos but going by the number of times I had to go pee I’d say it’s mostly fluid. I didn’t get hungry on the diet as it was a thick vegetable soup and there was fruit and vegetables on various days, but – and it’s a big but – I don’t think I can eat another bowl of soup for a while, at least not vegetable soup! So I’ll try and boost the exercising and stay away from the vino, sigh.

Tonight we had mushroom risotto for dinner with a green salad. The mushrooms were from the mushroom compost bags that we bought in bulk locally and the salad greens were from the garden. The radish, rocket and Asian lettuce are doing fine in this cold weather. I collected the tomatoes, sugar snap peas and capsicum from the grow house and there was dinner. The rice, unfortunately was from the local stupormarket. I’m sorry there’s no pictures but I’m hopeless with cameras and always forget to take any photos. I will try harder.

And for all those that can make it to Franklin Square, Hobart at 11am on Sunday 5th June, you’ll see M and me there at the rally for climate action. It will be a good day and a very important day too. Speak up now before it’s too late.



  1. Autumn has finally arrived here, just in time for winter so I guess we're a bit behind you guys. Good luck with the belly busting ;-). I have no doubt that you'll be trin taut and terrific in time for the wedding.

    I hope the climate change rally is a huge success.

  2. As a lapbander I no you can get tired of soup very quickly. I could have nothing else for the 1st 4 weeks after the operation.
    Hope all goes well with your weight loss and climate change rally.